We love animals!! Chickens deserve a good life. Chickens are people too. All our eggs come from happy chickens, sourced from Victorian free range farms.  We make sure free range actually means free range.



Fish are people too. Well, they haven’t established much in the way of universal healthcare and education structures, but also neither has America. As well, they poop in the water that they breath. At Leanie and Lou, we perceive fish as an important component of our complex environmental structure, and use only the ethically caught, sustainable variety.  Our fish come from ‘rod and pole’ fishing sources, absolutely no FAD or nets (Fish Attractive Devices). No dead dolphins, no dead whales, no dead sharks/turtles/sea cows. Sea cows are people too. Absolutely no promotion of overfishing in an industry monopolised by big business.



Turmeric is people too. Actually it's not. Turmeric is a super food, in case you didn’t know. Turmeric is high in antioxidant properties. It’s a rising herbaceous perennial plant, with strong anti-inflammatory properties that are increasingly being harnessed by health promoting practitioners to optimise physical and mental health. Turmeric promotes a healthy and happy mind set, in animals as well as humans. It is utilised as an anti-depressant, an anti-inflammatory, and has been linked to significant health improvements including improving insulin sensitivity in diabetics, and has cholesterol lowering properties to promote optimal cardiovascular health. Turmeric has positive gastrointestinal properties, and is used in Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Ulcerative Colitis to naturally improve bowel symptoms. Turmeric is rad.. Which is why the Thornlandia component of the Northern Suburbs take it regularly in their Latte Enemas.



Tryptophan. We might skip the charade that Tryptophan is a person. Tryptophan is a well known amino acid used to synthesise protein and is a precursor to serotonin, a very important happy brain component. Tryptophan is the new emerging front line treatment for anxiety and low mood. It is naturally occurring, and has natural calming effects. Tryptophan is a fantastic organic supplement to producing a happy and energetic well balanced best friend. Although Tryptophan is a natural physiological amino acid, it cannot be produced by dogs. It needs to be ingested. Our treats contain Tryptophan, which is not a person, but is a delicious mood regulator to help keep your best mate(s) happy, healthy, and energetic.