Leanie and Lou is a bodacious Melbourne based company providing delicious, healthy, high value dogs treats for your pooch. Maintaining an individual approach to doggy style zen based treats.

Our treats were invented, and are produced and distributed from our local Brunswick doggy pantry with Victorian sourced sustainable and ethically grown organic ingredients. They contain important nutrients and vitamins to promote optimal health and well being for Peoples best friend (‘mans best friend’ circa 1950s). 

Leanie and Lou differs considerably from your usual store bought treats...

Big production companies chemically process ‘normal’ dog treats, which are heavily salted and full of preservatives. All bad things (unless you’re aiming for a 100 year old treat in your treat cellar). Most mass produced, readily available dog treats involve off cuts and by-products without a lick of nutritional value.  I mean, put enough salt, sugar and fat in a product and I’m sure it’ll be loved by your canine companion, while also reducing lifespan, contributing to poor physical and emotional health and generally being a bad scene...

We combine delicious doggy style recipes, with human-grade ingredients, infused with health promoting components, such as Turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties; Omega 3 for shiny coat and skin integrity; Eggs from happy chickens, a great source of protein for teeth and muscle health; amino acids and vitamin A; Sweet Potato for low GI, high fibre bowel health; Coconut and Apple for high fibre Vitamin E to aid digestion; and Lauric, Capric and Caprylic Acid to give a healthy coat and promote optimal immune system, digestion and metabolism.

We strive to provide only the best for your best friend, with organic premium human-grade ingredients that are locally and sustainably sources.

For us it’s not about money. We love all animals and think they deserve to be happy and healthy. As pet owners we understand that the pet food market is flooded with unhealthy, high salt, preservative packed, chemically process dog treats at exorbitant prices. We aim to provide a healthy and friggin delicious alternative at a reasonable price.

Drooooooooolable dog treats, perfect for training, perfect for snacks, perfect for showing your love!!!!

High value, meaning your dog would do ANYTHING for these doggy style treats… Future food for the future pets.. Free shipping. Not really, but basically free.

We can’t hug all the cats..  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTTwcCVajAc)